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We are a relentless ally for the success of each and every dream we are entrusted to build.

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    Washington DC

    Bringing the latest local construction news out of our Fairfax office about the DC area.

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    The latest construction news from our local Raleigh and Triangle area.

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    Check out the latest construction news from our local Charlotte area office.

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    Featuring the latest construction news out of our Georgia area office about the Atlanta area and more.

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    Highlighting the latest local construction news out of our Orlando and Plantation offices.

    Each location offers an expert conversation, community engagement update, talent focus feature story and project highlight for each new edition.

Our Creed



Nothing less than Zero Harm for anyone who comes in contact with our work



Eliminating the waste and inefficiency too long associated with our industry



Redefining service excellence through client alignment, project solutions, behavioral experience, and certainty



Creating the best place to work through a progressive, people-first environment that offers superior tools, development, and opportunities

Our Testimonial

  • “Balfour Beatty’s professionalism and attention to detail is greatly appreciated and should be celebrated. You were a valuable team member and we certainly look forward to teaming with you for many more projects. The LEED Silver award is a direct result of your staff’s efforts and we hope you are as proud of your efforts as we are proud of the building.”

    Jeffrey C. Floyd, AIA, LEED APJeffrey C. Floyd, AIA, LEED AP
    Charlotte Managing Principal
    LS3P Associates

  • “What stands out to me most about the project is the level of partnership and collaboration that your team provided. The interest in our success was genuine from top to bottom which suggests that there were strong linkages internally within the Balfour Beatty team. You became a trusted partner that understood our dual goals around developing a sustainable office space as well as one that achieved our ‘Workplace of the Future vision.’ Thank you for your role in helping our combined team achieve a level of success that we’ve not seen in previous projects. The awards are nice, but what the outcome means to the success of our Duke Energy teammates is immeasurable.”

    Dennis F. WoodDennis F. Wood
    Duke Energy

  • “I’ve been very pleased with partnership with both firms, as has my on site manager. They’re proactive, keep continual lines of communication open and flowing, and have really made the process pain free from my perspective. Once we were able to agree upon “the vision,” they really took off and ran with it.”

    Kevin YonKevin Yon
    Crothall Healthcare

  • “During the entire project, the Balfour Beatty team focused on ensuring that the interests of SPX were represented at all times starting at pre-construction and continuing after the move into the building. This was a huge undertaking for us as an organization and the Balfour team partnered with everyone involved in the project to deliver a high-quality building on time and under budget. We were pleased with the safety standards during the entire construction phase and especially pleased with the work that Balfour supported on the LEED accreditation, which resulted in a LEED Silver building.”

    Jane BallardJane Ballard
    Vice President, Human Resources

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    Building With Purpose is a Newsletter by the East Region Communications Team of Balfour Beatty Construction.
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    We are a relentless ally for the success of each and every dream we are entrusted to build.