Achieving Zero Harm Through Caring vs. Criticism

Did you ever get up in the morning, get ready for work and before you headed out the door think to yourself “today I think I’m going to take some risks, maybe a couple of short cuts, break some rules, so I can get more done, because I probably won’t get hurt”? I doubt that happens. I believe most craft workers head out to make a living, provide for themselves and their loved ones, and are proud of what they do.  At Balfour Beatty Construction we launched a new safety orientation video a few months ago that acknowledges that and reminds craft workers that they have to constantly be aware of the risks and to look out not just for themselves, but  for one another.

Too often we approach these employees who may be exposing themselves or a co-worker to a hazard like they are intentionally breaking the rules or taking the risk. Wouldn’t it be more impactful if we explained the risk or potential for injury to them because we care about their safety rather than reprimand them for breaking the rules? If we showed them that we are correcting the situation because we care wouldn’t they be more inclined to stay safe and MAYBE even watch out for one of their co-workers? This is the approach we’ve taken with our new safety orientation video, which thousands of our craft workers will see across the country this year.

Since our video was launched, we’ve placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of positive observations – acknowledging teammates who do the right thing. This simple yet critical action can have a lasting, affirmative impact for our workforce and our safety culture.

I hope you will appreciate the message and keep our workforce safe – because you care. View both the English and Spanish versions of the new safety videos via the following links: Balfour Beatty Construction Zero Harm safety video in English and Balfour Beatty Construction Zero Harm safety video in Spanish.

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